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It’s been awhile since I’ve had any type of personal update on the pages. I just haven’t been in the mood. Work is very busy right now as we close up the call center. At least we are over getting our work-from-home employees situated.

The best bit is I got a very nice raise…and I didn’t even have to ask for it. My boos took me out to lunch to discuss the job and my place there. And before I could ask him about a raise, he brings it up first. And it’s a decent one. Throw in the fact that I make OT pay, and it’s something I’m happy about.

My boss is working at getting another person for my department put on the 2009 budget. My lead and I are stretched so thin. And with all our work-at-home people now, our call volume has increased. When we get a new person I will be head of Help Desk and they will be under me (I will be involved in the selection process so I’ll make sure he’s hot – LOL!)

The hubby got some home improvements done: he put down bamboo flooring in the bedroom and tiled the master bath. They both look so nice now. We have a new bedroom set coming soon to go with the new matress we bought (it’s adjustable!). And if the price is right we may be getting a whole new kitchen in the next few months.

And remember the jerk who was causing issues in our neighborhood and with the HOA? We finally had the court-mandated election. He decided not to run due to all the legal crap he is involved with, but the other two cronies were still running (and could appoint the ring-leader as the new 3rd HOA member if they won). They got defeated. Woot!

Another piece of cool news is I am taking my first business trip at this job. I am going up to Canada at the end of August to assist moving and setting up the office. At least it’s not during the winter. I’ll be sure to pick up a stuffed beaver as a souvenir for my lesbian friends.

And one final item: I had written not too long ago I was having lunch with Spider. Unfortunately that never happened, and I’ve been unable to contact him. Hey Sordid, tell Spider to give me a call sometime. 🙂

Everyone stay safe!


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  1. Will do. He is in town until Thurs or Fri. Glad things are going well for you and getting that nice raise.

  2. Figment. FIGMENT I say.

    Nice to read the update. Good to hear that you are pretty secure there.

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