Entropy is defined as “The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.” Ordered systems will eventually breakdown. Your body gets more problems as it grows older. You car needs servicing as it gets older. It’s tough to escape. And today’s example of this is some of the restaurants I used to like. They started out great, or good, and now I don’t even go there.

I’ve just added a new one to my list: KFC. This weekend the hubby and a friend of ours decided to get some lunch and we hadn’t eaten KFC in awhile. Having just seen a commercial for their new sandwich hubby and I wanted to give it a go. Sounded like they were going down the same path as McDonald’s: offering a sandwich to go up against Chik-Fil-A’s classic offering.

Talk about tastless. McD’s knock off is miles tastier than what we got there. (In fact, McD’s offering is the first thing there I’ve liked in a long time). And to drive the point home, our friend M.’s chicken breast was fried too long and we couldn’t tell if it was original or extra crispy. And the girl at the register never asked her for which type, either.

It seems KFC has slid pretty far into the sea of chaos most places have gone (Bennigan’s anyone?). So one more dining option off our list.


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  1. KFC here in South Africa has gone the same way. I quit eating there about two years ago. It is a far cry from the fried chicken they used to serve

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