Flying On Snot?

From CleanTechnica today:

You may remember Solazyme from my post a few weeks ago about its plan to mass-produce algae biodiesel in a three-year time frame. Now the innovative company is taking algae fuel a step further.

Solazyme announced today that it has produced the world’s first algae-based jet fuel. The product passed all testing specifications for Aviation Turbine Fuel— which means that the aviation kerosene has passed all the major hurdles to creating a jet fuel that is compatible with the current commercial and military infrastructure.

Tests that the jet fuel had to go through before meeting specifications include measurements for density, thermal oxidative stability, flashpoint, freezing point, and more.

While Solazyme isn’t the only company working on algae aviation fuel, it is the closest to achieving large-scale production.

So keep a close eye on Solazyme— it may be the first company to get both algae biodiesel and algae aviation fuel to the public.

All I can say is “Amazing!”

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