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Eat The Brownie! Eat The Brownie!

Reefer Madness!

Reefer Madness!

F-ing A! Just read this at

Ghostlight to Release Double Disc of Reefer Madness; Joe’s Pub Concert Planned

By Adam Hetrick
29 Sep 2008

A two-disc release of Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney’s musical Reefer Madness, featuring the original Los Angeles cast recording and the subsequent TV musical soundtrack, will hit stores Oct. 28.

The 1936 propaganda film of the same name, created to depict the dangers marijuana use, reached cult status with its camp appeal and outlandish scenarios. Composer Kevin Murphy and lyricist Dan Studney adapted the property into the stage musical that debuted in Los Angeles, played an Off-Broadway run and was later adapted into Showtime musical film.

In addition to a live recording of the original Los Angeles cast, the Ghostlight Records collector’s set will offer listeners the original Showtime soundtrack that boasts performances by Christian Campbell, Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming, Steven Weber, Amy Spanger, Ana Gasteyer, Neve Campbell, John Kassir and Robert Torti.

The anniversary release features new liner notes from the creators of Reefer Madness, as well as a booklet with artwork and lyrics for both CD’s.

Joe’s Pub will host a concert to celebrate the release of the double album on Oct. 27 at 11:30 PM. Set to appear are Christian Campbell, Cumming, Gasteyer, Weber, Spanger, Kassir and Torti.

The musical’s creator stated, “This double CD of Reefer Madness marks the culmination of a ten year journey for us. It began in 1997, during a road trip back from San Francisco, where we got the idea that it might be fun to write a musical about singing, dancing potheads. Being in San Francisco can give you ideas like that.”

For further information visit Sh-K-BoomRecords.

Palin Again

Can SNL pull a triple play next Saturday slamming Palin? I hope so! Last Saturday’s was priceless!

Palin Slam Number 2

And here’s a clip of Sarah’s previous ventures. Yes, that’s her in this clip.