Let’s Make It Tougher!

It seems our high-ups want to know exactly how much of our day is spent helping what departments. This way business analysis can pull together more reports on where our man-hours and money goes.

As if 9+ hour days, 5 days a week wasn’t tiring enough, I have to remember how much time was spent helping our Canada office or call center…or one of several other departments. No wonder I stay stressed all day.

But I do have to be thankful I’m employed. That thought helps to keep things in perspective.

We wanted to throw a Halloween party this year but it seems our kitchen re-do will be in full swing then so we may have to hold it next year. Yes…a new kitchen. The appliances and the kitchen stuff all arrive Saturday…and have to be squeezed into the garage for now. I don’t think my car will ever return to it’s sheltered spot.

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