Unrousing The Rabble?

Seems McCane’s…errr…McCain’s tactics are backfiring. The whole crew latched onto the “Obama is a terrorist” thought and used it to rile up the McCane supporters. The problem is the genie has been let out of the bottle and McCane is trying to put it back in.

Mrs. Palin wasn’t helping recently when she mentioned the “Terrorist Connection” and one of the attendees shouted “Kill him!” and she said nothing. I’m sure she’s been told by her handlers to now steer away from that subject but it seems to be too late. The radicals have latched onto this like a pitbull on a pre-schooler’s head (wearing lipstick, no less). Take for example the clip below. McCane tries to tell people Obama is not an Arab and you hear boos in the background. You just know he’s wincing inside when he hears that.

And the newest goof-up to add to Palin’s list? She went out to address a crowd of supporters and there happen to be one small section that was louder then any of the others…..

She mistook them for protesters!


Wait! There’s more! This just in!

Sarah Palin getting booed at a hockey game!

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