Weekend Fun

I had a great time on Friday. I took the day off from work and spent it all day with the Hubby. We ran to stores getting more Halloween decor. After getting home we spent the rest of the afternoon putting the finishing touches on our graveyard. He took lots of pictures so I hope to have a few of them up here soon.

Saturday was spent tearing our graveyard apart and finding space to temporarily store all the crates of decorations. We can’t get them into the attic because the garage is full of new cabinets and appliances that we are having installed. We then went to a Halloween party and along the way stopped at quite a few stores to buy more decorations at 50% off! I cleaned the Target out of all their Halloween Junior Mints!

Sadly, I did find that the only Atlanta Bread Company in the area is closed. It’s now a wings and BBQ restaurant. We also passed a few Waffle Houses that were dark.

And finally, here’s how much I paid for gas on my way to work on Sunday:

Please don’t forget to vote. And no matter if you vote REP or DEM, just please vote No on 2 if you live in Florida, and No on 8 if you live in California. Discrimination should not be made legal because the next thing the Religious Right will fight for is putting the LGBT population into concentration camps.

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