Happy Last Night – Muted This Morning

I was happy that Obama won the election. It is a huge step forward for most…but there was still something that did not sit well with me. This post from Green Dads says it all:

America, Get Over Yourself

by Brian Frank

On the streets, online and in the broadcast media, Americans are proudly – and loudly – proclaiming that, last night’s election was an historic event that marks a turning point for our great country.

Yes, America is now filled with a new hope. That is, unless you’re gay.

America is now filled with a new pride … unless you’re gay.

America is now filled with a new optimism … unless you’re gay.

Tuesday night heralded the start of a bright, new dawn for our nation and all its citizens … except the gay ones. Because last night, Arizona banned gay marriage. Florida has now banned both gay marriage and civil unions. As of this writing, California appears to have not only banned gay marriage but removed the right of marriage from gay couples who were already married. And Arkansas, where gay marriage is already illegal, has now banned gays not only from adopting but also from fostering children.

Read the rest at Green Dads.

It is a step in the right direction for minorities. Now those of a non-heterosexual orientation must begin fighting even harder to keep our rights, because you know now that the Religious Right, et al have gotten marriage bans and things on the book, they will continue to try and do this in other states and with more freedoms. They won’t stop until we are all in concentration camps or exterminated. I don’t see it getting to that extreme, but we all know how the religious freaks get.

I am still waiting to hear back from my mom if she voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on Amendment 2. If it’s “Yes” I am going to read her the riot act (quickly reducing her to tears) and probably avoid visiting her for quite awhile.

The only silver lining I see is that the younger generations are more accepting of the LGBT community; and those who are part of LGBT community are more accepting of themselves. These views will slowly work to change the awful changes that were approved last night.


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