Proverbial, Of Course

Yesterday was a real shitter of a day. Having dealt with virus problems the day before (amazingly they popped up shortly after we were featured on the Evening News with Katie Couric which sent our call volumes immediately sky high), the repercussions had me hopping all day trying to clean up the carnage. I got no lunch and was trying to get home before the sun set to clean up the “land mines” in the back yard. The hubby is in Anaheim teaching and won’t be back until late next week so no chance he could do it. But these problems just keep appearing.

Tired and dragged out, I finally got into my car as the sun was setting. I started the engine and said “Fuck you, world!”…

…and turned on the XM Christmas Station. The Holidays have started early for me.

I need Some XM Christmas

I need Some XM Christmas

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