Planning Ahead

I gotta say that I have very little sympathy for any of these companies who are having trouble in this economy. If you maybe put some money aside to deal with economic hard times, and maybe had a fiscal plan ready you wouldn’t be filing bankruptcy (Hello Bally’s Fitness…I’m talking to you…and you filed bankruptcy twice in the past few years?…the only people you will be bothering are the ones who have to cruise for sex in the showers somewhere else). Any business that could believe the economy would always be booming is a poorly run business, indeed.

Or maybe your products suck? Several US auto makers are in this category. And that applies to restaurants..ahem…Steak N Ale and Benigan’s…cough…

It seems cruel, but the fat and lazy companies are being thinned from the herd, so to speak.

Thinning The Corporate Herd

Thinning The Corporate Herd

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