The End In Sight

The end of the week, that is. Yes, it is Friday!!! Finally!!! My lead has been on vacation all week so I’m the only person here. Our other server person has been coming in for only a few hours a day so as to use up his excess vacation time so even help from him is not readily available. Add to that our Cisco person takes days off without telling us so I can’t get ports set-up so some jobs of mine are on hold. It all adds up to a stressful week. If I got a lunch it was eaten at my desk working on a PC or laptop issue.

The only good news was me taking my final exam Monday evening. I know I got an A in the class…my final class. I am now a college graduate. But maybe I should wait until the paper is in my hand before saying that. It will soon be time to start getting my certs.

Weekend after next we are doing a fast run up to New York. It’s just for one day. Catch 1 or 2 shows, and then fly home early the next morning. Hubby needed one more flight to reach Platinum level so that’s why we are going. The good thing is there will be no checked luggage. We carry everything in one bag for each of us. I really want to go see the Christmas displays int he windows when up there.

Have a great weekend.

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