A Last-Minute Miracle?

It’s not exactly what I wanted but it’s better than being left with a cliff-hanger…

Pushing Daisies: Viewers to Get Closure in Last Episode After All

From tvseriesfinale.com:

Though writers on ABC’s Pushing Daisies TV show knew in advance that the fantasy show would likely end after its current season, the producers opted to end the series on a cliffhanger. Now that the axe has officially fallen and the cast and crew have completed filming the last episode, it seems creator Bryan Fuller is having some second thoughts.


The TV show returned for its second season on October 1st. The ratings had fallen in Daisies’ year one and they continued that decline in season two. ABC had ordered 13 episodes for season two with the option to order additional installments. Based on the ratings, the network execs didn’t exercise that option, effectively cancelling the show. The last episode was filmed to include a cliffhanger that would leave fans hanging.

Fuller suspected that the end might be near and said that he had a back-up plan; to continue Daisies in comic book form or even as a movie.


Fuller and his team have rethought their ending plans. They’re using post-production to create a completely new opening and ending for the last episode. As a result, it’ll no longer a cliffhanger. As Fuller says, “We’re doing a lot of work in post to shape it so that it is satisfying for the audience.”

It remains to be seen when the finale will actually air. After tonight’s installment, there’s one more episode on the schedule (December 17th) and that will leave three episodes unaired. It’s rumored that ABC may try to finish the run by airing all three installments on one night. At worst, they could be slotted on Saturday nights or released online.

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