Turn Down The Lights

Today the Great White Way is somewhat darker.

Yesterday several great shows made their final bow, including Hairspray, Young Frankenstein, and Boeing-Boeing. And several more will be closing either next weekend or the weekend after. According to the New York Times Theater article 13 shows will close this month. All basically victims of the economy. It’s always been amazing to me how expensive it is to put on a Broadway show, and this is the reason for their leaving. I heard this will leave 15 Broadway theaters empty.

Now other shows will move in…maybe not right away but soon. But will they have smaller casts? Smaller stars? Smaller Playbills?

It will be interesting to watch what happens in NYC over the next few months. I know Broadway will survive…but maybe not in the form we see it today.

End of the line.

End of the line.

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