Well…the Hubby really surprised me Friday. When I finally got home the house was full of people who shouted ‘Surprise!’ as I got through the door. I have to hand it to him. I had no idea…none at all.

And there was a wide cross-section of friends there: co-worker, family, neighborhood friends, Disney friends. It was wonderful. And the Hubby made chili, and BBQ pulled-chicken, and baked ziti, and lots more.

The really fun stuff was the dish after most guests left except our gay friends: the Hubby telling me about how my mom wanted to plan everything and just got confused when he said ‘No’, he wanted to do it this way. My brother was very uncomfortable…we think because of all the gay attendees.

But it was a lot of fun. A very memorable 40th birthday party.


No, we didn’t watch the Big Game. We watched the Puppy Bowl in high def! Talk about cute overload! What was really nice to discover is that all the puppies used in the PB are from animal shelters. Talk about a great way of getting them adopted.


Work’s a living hell today as my lead went home sick and I get dumped on from all sides with requests. I’m on the phone right now with one of our work from home employees who can’t get connected now. More OT for me. yea….

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