A Study In The Macabre

I saw the new stop-motion movie Coraline last night.

It was in 3D.

It blew me away!

The scenery, the music, the story were all well done. A darn amazing film. There are no comedy bits or funny side kicks to brighten the dark story…and I liked it that way. There are a few chuckles but they aren’t there to make little kids enjoy the film more. In fact, it will probably be a bit too scary for the very young. I read the book several years ago but don’t remember it too well, but I know that most of the storyline is still there. But I just sat back and let the sumptuous sets and spooky story wash over me.

This weekend skip Jason rampaging in 3D and go see a movie that doesn’t rely on guts and in-your-face scares…just a young girl who finds out what you really want is not always the best thing.

Coraline, in Theaters Now

Coraline, in Theaters Now

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