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The Words Of My World

I was asked recently how many podcasts I listen to. I had to think a moment and I said 6. It was off the top of my head because now I’ve remembered a few more.

My listening is done in the mornings at work as I go through tickets that have come into our tracking program or release emails from our spam filter program (or delete, as the case may be). And my secret? Many podcasts I play at a faster speed. Windows Media Player allows you to do this. So I listen to many of them at 1.5 times their regular speed. It doesn’t raise the pitch of the speaker so you quickly get used to it.

So today I am listing the podcasts I download when available on my Google Reader.

Radio Rickshaw – I learned about these guys when I did stuff for the Fringe Festival. Since it deals with Central Florida arts and entertainment mostly it’s of interest to me. They geek out a bit, too, so that appeals to me also.

A Window To the Magic – Paul Barrie’s sound experiences of all things Disney (a lot of Disneyland stuff since he visits that Park most often). Often you get his “Where in the park shows” where you listen with headphones and feel you are walking through a Disney Park.

The MuppetCast – I actually came upon this one just before my trip to Canada last Summer. I downloaded all the back episodes and listened to them while away on business on my laptop. Lots of great information about the Henson company and the Muppets with several songs and bits from the different shows throughout.

The Cranky Geeks – John C. Dvorak is tough to take in long doses, but I enjoy him in his video/audio podcast because it’s never more than 30 minutes and never more than a few minutes on each subject. The panel discusses the latest tech topics so I keep up on what’s happened the past week.

Inside the Magic – This is the first podcast I ever listened to, and still do each week. Ricki Briganti brings you the latest Disney news each week with various segments by other hosts. And the occasional attraction soundtrack or show thrown in.

Insomniac Games Full Moon Podcast – I started listening to this podcast when I found out Insomniac was working on a Ratchet & Clank game for the PlayStation 3. It was great to hear interviews from the actual programmers in the company. I actually didn’t listen as closely when they did the same for their last game, Resistance 2. They are currently on hiatus now. When they come back they should have news on the latest R&C game as one is due out this Fall.

The QCast Connection – two Orlando actors who are bitchy, witty, funny, and irreverant. They are so much fun to listen to. And if you listen to one of the recent episodes you’ll hear a certain blogger as their guest.

The Gay Trucker – Is he a trucker? Is he a hairdresser? Don’t know but it’s fun to listen to. Podcasts don’t come out often but I listen when they do.

The Henson Company Podcast – This podcast is done by the Henson Company. It’s professionally done, and many episodes are no longer than 15 minutes so it’s a quick fix aimed at one Muppet subject a show. The tour of the studio and it’s ghosts was a classic.

The Judycast – This guy was putting episodes out constantly a few years back, disappeared for awhile, and now you find one every few months. But the humor is incredibly sharp and witty…and every voice is done by one guy! If you like Sondheim, Burandette Peters, or Judy Garland (the boozy, later years), you’ll really love this podcast.

And then there’s the podcasts that have dissappeared without a word:

GayGamer – The last one was in January and have been waiting for the next one. Being gay and playing video games are two things I can relate to.

Transistor Rodeo – This was a podcast serial novel about mechanical robots going on a rampage. There was one episode left when the “feed” went silent. Mark Yoshimoto Nimcoff was (is?) a writer who has done several podcast novels. He has fallen off the face of the earth. I can’t find anyone who can tell me what happened to him. I’d love to hear the final episode of the story. Heck, I’d love to find out what happened to MYN.

Shadow Falls – This was the series I first heard by Mark Yoshimoto Nimcoff. The first “chapter” of the series was a radio play, with different actors playing the parts. There was this cursed town where strange things were happening. The acting bordered on camp but was a lot of fun, and the theme music was the creepiest rock song I’ve ever heard. To bring the next “chapter” out sooner, Mark simply narrated each chapter (It’s tough getting all the actors back together to do a radio play). Not quite as good as the first part as it is set way in the past, but very gorey and quite adult. The link points toward the second “chapter”, Badlands.