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Not So Practically Perfect?

A bit of news about the Chicago production of Mary Poppins:

Mary Poppins in Chicago to feature new song

The Chicago production of “Mary Poppins” (which is becoming the first national tour) is to feature a new song by composer George Stiles and lyricist Anthony Drewe, replacing the number “Temper, Temper,” which has been seen in all the other global “Poppins” productions to date.

The new song is to be entitled “Playing the Game,” and, according to producer Cameron Mackintosh, it’s going in all future incarnations of the show (and will probably be retrofitted into the Broadway production at some point). The number is getting its first outing in front of an audience at preview performances this week at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. “We think it tells a better story,” Mackintosh said.

I am wondering if this was done for staging purposes. In this number the toys come to life and the whole nursery “tears” itself apart as it stretches. Touring productions always have to make sacrifices on sets and props. Or perhaps it was just a bit too scary for little kids, though it’s still in the Broadway production. Or perhaps Mr. Mackintosh is correct, and it just helps tell the story better. I hope it comes through Florida in the near future. I really want to see it to compare it to the Broadway production.