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Fish Orgies and Grocery Stores

We may be having more fish in the pond soon. I was in there on Sunday cleaning out leaves and fertilizing the plants. At one point I looked down and noticed 4 of the small fish were all grouped tightly together, not like their usual loose school grouping. Then one of them takes off and the other three chase after her staying right behind her. I know what they were up to.

Spring is in the air!…er…water!

Too Many Coming?

Too Many Coming?


There is this undeveloped lot right down the street from my neighborhood…less than a mile. It’s had a sign on the lot for a few years saying grocery anchored retail space coming. We didn’t know of any grocery store we would want that close to us except Publix, and there was one right down the road already. The economy tanked and we felt no one would be buying the lot anytime soon. And a shopping center was being built just a little further down with a Sweetbay Supermarket closer to the rest of the businesses in the area.

But something happened. Last week the retail sign was replaced by the Publix logo. WTF?!?! We love Publix…it’s our favorite grocery store…but there are already 4 Publix stores within a 9 mile radius: Kings Ridge, Orange Lake, Barry Center, and Summer Bay. Do we need a 5th? Can they support 5 stores in this economy? They seem to know their stuff in this bad economy, I don’t see them building another store and not seeing it succeed. We are really happy that we will have one within walking distance. They won’t be closing any of the other stores as they all serve major communities/resorts nearby. I do need to keep in mind that the land hasn’t even been cleared so this store may not even open for another year or more.

That’s all for today.

Where Shopping x5 Is Better?

Where Shopping Is 5x Better?