Well it’s been a long time since my last typed post. Here’s a quick peek at what’s been happening (for those of you who still check this space out).

Work is as crazy as ever. I nearly quit two weeks ago over pure frustration. Calls constantly coming in on the Help Desk line and indifferent co-workers whose job it was to fix that problem. My boss has been on vacation for a few weeks but I will talk with him next week and tell him something has to be done. I am quickly approaching burn out; I need a 2nd Help Desk person soon. As we send more and more employees to work from home, Help Desk calls take longer and longer. Walking to someone’s desk was great because I could resolve a problem quickly. Now you have to rely on employees unskilled in computers try to explain a problem to you. Goodbye 10 minutes of my life for something I could have fixed in 1. Joy…


This just in: Because Michael Jackson’s body was made up of 99% plastic, it will now be melted down and turned into Lego bricks so little children can now play with him instead.

MJ In Lego

MJ In Lego


I may become a property owner soon. The government is giving an $8,000 credit to first-time home buyers BEFORE they buy the home, as long as you close before November 30th. And if I purchase in my county and get an FHA loan, it will be no money down. My brother is looking for properties in my range that will rent quickly. The hubby an I spend a few weekends painting and fixing up, then we rent it out. My brother’s management company will then handle it.

That’s enough for today. Everyone have a great weekend!


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  1. I’ll have to share that MJ thing with everyone I know (that’s not easily offended). Hilarious (and sad)!

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