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Monorail Inferno?

July 4th Monorail Accident

July 4th Mnorail Accident

1 death…the driver. Reason is still unknown at this time. The system is supposed to shut down when two trains get too close to each other.

Update: With all the news I’ve read and with one final bit of the puzzle a friend told me about I believe this is what happened.

Monorail Pink backed into Monorail Purple, not Purple running into Pink. I was wondering about the system shutting down before they hit, but a CM interviewed said when monorails are switching beams that system is shut off (I’m not sure if this is train specific or beam specific).

I watched the video posted on YouTube when the accident happened as the CM keeps calling to the drive in Purple. It actually gave me chills.

When I found out the driver of Pink was taken to the hospital for “emotional distress” it proved the “Pink into Purple” theory. I admit I would be a mess too if I had been the cause of an accident like this. My condolences to the family of the victim.