Watch this video all the way through then read on.

My thoughts:

That’s just wrong on so many levels. “Never touch dirty toilet paper again”? How do you get it on the stick thingy? And why are you buying dirty toilet paper to wipe with? Most people buy it clean.

And that fat guy is way too happy to be telling the world his ass cheeks are so flabby they prevent his arms from reaching his anus. Or maybe he also uses it to grab the Cheetos bag from the coffee table while sitting on the couch, too?

And that “old” lady talking about her improved quality of life? Sorry, lady, but you are too spry to require assistance wiping your ass. I can see Grandma Moses at 80 years of age, but not you.

Why didn’t they say to slip a condom on it and it becomes a handy dildo?

Another piece of (pardon the pun) crap that trailer trash and redneck folk everywhere can buy for themselves or a loved one for Christmas and feel they got the neatest thing since sliced bread. Salad tongs would be cheaper.

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