Tough Market

Still unsure about buying a home. I really would like to get the investment under my belt, but worries about not being able to rent it out quickly keep surfacing in my mind. The only good thing is I know I can say “no” at any time and put it off for awhile while I stash away some more money.

There is actually one in my development that’s right at the top of my price range. It’s on short sale and about to become foreclosed on. We are hoping to get inside it this weekend when we look at some more.


On the work front, it looks like Saturdays will be taken up with inventory. We are supposed to do one every two years and it’s that time. I’m still without a co-worker. Right now the latest I would get one is January. And it’s almost a sure thing that we are moving next year. We can get inexpensive office space right down the street…a lot less than what we are paying now. I can’t fault the company for that. I just wish they would use the savings for another HD person.


Torchwood: Children of Earth Pt 1 was awesome last night. And since they are playing them 1 a night, the series will be finished by Friday night. The down side is there will be no more Torchwood until the next season.

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