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Dragon It!


Not So Good

I went to see my doctor today to go over the 2nd set of chest x-rays she ordered. The “things” she saw on it are still there but she can’t figure out what they are. The next step is a CAT scan of my chest. That will be Monday. She also has me going to an ENT to look into my sinus problems since she’s done all she can for me. She said it could be a fungal infection causing these problems. I am also doing another blood test to scan for additional things including HIV (which I get done each October and was negative on my last one – but she wants to be sure).

I was not sick for over a year then this problem arises. Oh well…I’ll keep everyone posted.

You Can’t Say ‘Homeowner’…

…without saying ‘homo’.

I have bought my first home and I’m only 40 years old.

Turn It Off!

Down Boy!

Another Few Weeks

It’s been a while since my last personal posting so here’s some things going on:

Been sick for almost 2 months now with sinus problems. The doctor took an x-ray and said there was a small spot on my left lung but it wasn’t cancer. It was either a spot of pneumonia or a small portion of collapsed lung. Joy. I am getting another x-ray Monday for her to compare. If I keep having problems the next step is an ENT.

I wonder if this thing is hanging around because I stopped taking my zinc tablets. I’m going to pick up some after work and get back on them. I don’t feel sick but I go through periods of constantly blowing my nose and coughing out mucus. Double joy.


By Thursday I should be a homeowner.


We are getting storm shutters installed today. It gives the hubby some peace of mind that when he’s out of the country next month I would be able to get the panels up in case of a hurricane.


I don’t know if it was Formerly Tropical Storm Ana’s influence but there have been some awesome skies this past week with these chunks of black clouds with bright blue skies around them, and just some awesome shapes.


My trip up north was nice though the sinus thing was the cloud to the trip’s silver lining. Stayed in two scary motels. At least the last one in NJ was a lot nicer. Got to see 9 to 5 before it closes as well as Little Mermaid before closing, and Mary Poppins again. Busch Gardens VA was beautiful as ever. We rode the Big Bad Wolf 3 times as this is it’s final year of operation. Hubby had never been on it and thought it was awesome.


That’s all for now.

Give Or Take 50 Feet…