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The weirdness of Jerry Springer’s career is a never-ending wonder. The talk show host, lawyer, former mayor of Cincinnati and opera subject will now make his Broadway debut.

Springer will play slick lawyer Billy Flynn Aug. 18-Sept. 6 in the long-running Chicago.

As previously reported, Springer will play Flynn Sept. 8-13 at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre and Sept. 15-20 at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center’s Academy of Music. For a man such as Springer, who’s had more lives than a cat, it’s no surprise to learn that he is a musician and songwriter who has performed professionally, and has acted quite a bit here and there on television, usually playing himself—which is a pretty showy part when you think of it.

Didn’t anyone learn their lesson when they added Mario Lopez to the revival of A Chorus Line? This doesn’t look good for this revival of Chicago.

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