On the medical side my doctor has suggested I see a pulminary specialist over my chest CT. This was through an email so no details of what was on there. I will go over it on the 15th with my scheduled appointment to go over my blood tests (the original reason for that appointment was to see if the cholesterol medicine is working).

I saw an ENT and have a sinus CT set up for next week. He says that each time I have a sinus infection it leaves behind scar tissue so the next one that comes along it’s tougher for my sinuses to clear themselves out. I am guessing this CT will be another $100. I am racking up the Sony Points this year with medical charges and items for the new place.

The hubby left yesterday on his business trip. I have the house to myself until the 28th. But that also means I have to hire someone to do some of the fix up I want done…or wait till he gets back. But I have all the utilities in my name now and mailbox keys. My tax amendment will help my cover the additional costs of getting everything done, and my first mortgage payment is October 1st. But I really want to get it rented out soon and not have to worry about that part of things.

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