Why Some People Shouldn’t Be Near Computers

Here’s a wonderful story about a man duped out of millions of dollars by a pair of grifters. The story seems so implausible but it really happened. This is why some people should not be allowed near computers without knowledgeable supervision.

The full article is HERE on ZDNet.

Here’s a taste to get you going:

A wealthy oil heir whose family is on the lam for international evasion finds himself with a computer virus, only to be fleeced for $20 million by a tech-savvy couple who convinces him the Illuminati is trying to kill him. Add planted GPS tracking devices, Polish pirates, Roman Catholic Opus Dei initiates, hard drive in Honduras, an Indian Military operative… and a photo with President Obama?

If you’re one of those people who really can’t believe anyone could be taken by Nigerian bank scammers, then you’ll need to sit down when you read about the road which led to one man who finding himself out $20 million after taking his laptop in for repair.

In 2004 wealthy composer and heir to Schlumberger Ltd. oil fortune Roger Davidson was having problems with a computer virus, so he took the hard drive to his local computer store, Datalink Computers of Chappaqua, New York. Davidson was a n00b about computers, and he was worried about losing what was on his computer.

It contained years of music he’d written, plus information and copies of e-mails between Davidson’s family and lawyers about trying to transfer a chunk of family money to the US from Lichtenstein, where it seemed they were taking a little break from a lot of tax problems, in several countries.

[SNIP]The owners of Datalink Computers were much more interested in Davidson’s assets and set in motion a social engineering scam worthy of a Cohen Brothers treatment.

Icelandic Helga Ingvarsdottir, 39, and her boyfriend Vickram Bedi, 36, began creating an elaborate larceny-by-extortion scheme by telling Davidson that his computer had a virus –- but not any ordinary virus. No, Davidson and his family were in grave danger because they were being targeted in a conspiracy by Indian black-ops and the CIA, and got Davidson to pay monthly payments to their company for protection from the groups out to get him.

It gets crazier so read the full story…and keep Grandma away from the PC.

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