Portugal Winning the Drug War

Time for some reading in the New Year. Here’s a part of an article on how Portugal is winning the “Drug War” by decriminalizing possession of them.

Click HERE for the full article.

Portugal no longer views drug users through the prism of the criminal justice system. Though production, trafficking and sales of drugs remain illegal, authorities now refer people they find in simple possession of illicit substances to a panel that consists of a psychologist, social worker and legal advisor—no law enforcement personnel are present. By classifying drug addiction as a medical problem, the Portuguese have lessened the stigma and legal obstacles that addicts may otherwise encounter in seeking treatment. “The main focus of their policy change,” Stevens says, “is to emphasize social solidarity between drug users and the rest of society, so that people are not cast out just because they’re drug users.”

Could America wake up in 2011 and make a proven change for the better? Only time will tell.

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