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Actor Anger

Here’s a blurb from the latest Girls Will Be Girls 2 blog.

Meanwhile we’re casting. Ron Mathews declined to come back as Stevie for reasons that he will take to his grave but which probably have something to do with the teeny, tiny penis we gave him in post production on the first film without asking him. It turns out you aren’t allowed to do that, who knew? SAG, by the way, is the answer to that one. We ended up working out a compromise and later I even got Ron a job on “Arrested Development,” but he’s still sore about something. If you see him, ask him. I’m not really curious, I just like the idea of people hounding him about it from now on.

Sounds like one person wasn’t happy about the original film. It’s a movie! If you are that concerned over an on-screen gag you didn’t know about, then you come off as kind of a douche-nozzle to the rest of the public.

I can’t wait for this sequel!