Requiem For A Circuit

Tron Uprising Title

Tron Uprising is one of the few programs I can’t wait to watch each week. Sadly, it looks like Tron Uprising will not get a 2nd season. The only reprieve is if a channel other than Disney XD picks it up. The producers have said they are already working on Season 2. But it may be all for nothing…

The main problem is that the Disney XD audience [IE – tweens] is not the proper channel for Tron Uprising [IE – Adults and maybe teens]. There are no goofy, under-age antics. No young actors being the center of attention to the sound of a recorded laugh track. Just a great story-line of rebellion set among a glowing city of computer circuits. Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim would be perfect.

Tomorrow the soundtrack is released so I can keep reliving it. It is scored by Joseph Trapanese who worked with Daft Punk on Tron Legacy, so it has the same feel as TL.

I’ll miss you, Beck.



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