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Since I do a yearly listing of all my cast albums, I thought I’d throw in the podcasts I listen to (basically a record to myself). I denote if they are defunct (or seemingly defunct).


This Week in Tech


Elf Centered

Haunt Weekly

Savage Lovecast

Saturday Morning Media

Feast of Fun

Mike Bennett Podcasts

Disney History Institute

RuPaul: What’s the Tee

HaunTopic Radio

Broadway Radio

Theater People

Broadway Backstory

Anna Faris is Unqualified

NoSafeWord Podcast

Fall of the House of Sunshine

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Local Energy Rules

Felonious Florida

The Ensemblist

Endless Thread

How Did This Get Made?

Experience Imagination

Household Name

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

Framed: An Investigation


The Black Tapes  NOTE: There was a teaser on the feed some months ago with the actors gearing up to record; a minute of audio then nothing. That was in March 2018. Nothing else has been said about season 4. Even the actress who plays Alex [Lori Henry] in the show has not been appearing on Tanis like she used to.

ID10T NOTE: Could be coming back. It went silent when Chris Hardwick was accused of assault by a former girlfriend. He’s been cleared of any wrong doing by AMC and other media outlets but the podcast division has said nothing so far.

Inside the Magic NOTE: Utterly dead. Ricky Brigante, the host, dropped the show like a hot potato when he moved into a new field of work for themed entertainment. No wrap up episode or even apology to his listeners. One of the best produced podcasts but it is no more.

JudyCast NOTE: was supposed to be back and episodes have appeared once or twice a year, but the show must be tough to edit as one man does all the voices.

Billy West Podcast NOTE: Finished. The last episode had Billy and his friend being shot dead in the desert by his boss. All voice (except his friend) were done by Billy.

Once – Once Upon a Time Podcast NOTE: the show is over. Some follow up podcasts were promised but nothing has come out since the series wrap up in the Spring.

Pod Cubs Podcast NOTE: not doing regular podcasts. Often does only live shows and no posting of them. They broadcast on Univozpods along with several other shows.

Rabbits NOTE: The feed has been silent since season 1 ended.

The Audacity to Podcast NOTE: Run by the same man behind Once podcast. He went through a major personal family crisis and has not returned to his podcast on podcasting since the begnining of the year.

Darkest Night NOTE: No news since the second season ended.

Broadway World’s Some Like It Pop NOTE: No shows posted for some time.

The Last Movie NOTE: No mention of a season 2.