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Why Some People Shouldn’t Be Near Computers

Here’s a wonderful story about a man duped out of millions of dollars by a pair of grifters. The story seems so implausible but it really happened. This is why some people should not be allowed near computers without knowledgeable supervision.

The full article is HERE on ZDNet.

Here’s a taste to get you going:

A wealthy oil heir whose family is on the lam for international evasion finds himself with a computer virus, only to be fleeced for $20 million by a tech-savvy couple who convinces him the Illuminati is trying to kill him. Add planted GPS tracking devices, Polish pirates, Roman Catholic Opus Dei initiates, hard drive in Honduras, an Indian Military operative… and a photo with President Obama?

If you’re one of those people who really can’t believe anyone could be taken by Nigerian bank scammers, then you’ll need to sit down when you read about the road which led to one man who finding himself out $20 million after taking his laptop in for repair.

In 2004 wealthy composer and heir to Schlumberger Ltd. oil fortune Roger Davidson was having problems with a computer virus, so he took the hard drive to his local computer store, Datalink Computers of Chappaqua, New York. Davidson was a n00b about computers, and he was worried about losing what was on his computer.

It contained years of music he’d written, plus information and copies of e-mails between Davidson’s family and lawyers about trying to transfer a chunk of family money to the US from Lichtenstein, where it seemed they were taking a little break from a lot of tax problems, in several countries.

[SNIP]The owners of Datalink Computers were much more interested in Davidson’s assets and set in motion a social engineering scam worthy of a Cohen Brothers treatment.

Icelandic Helga Ingvarsdottir, 39, and her boyfriend Vickram Bedi, 36, began creating an elaborate larceny-by-extortion scheme by telling Davidson that his computer had a virus –- but not any ordinary virus. No, Davidson and his family were in grave danger because they were being targeted in a conspiracy by Indian black-ops and the CIA, and got Davidson to pay monthly payments to their company for protection from the groups out to get him.

It gets crazier so read the full story…and keep Grandma away from the PC.


This time Colbert parodies the NOM commercial. The funniest yet!

[From Cyberspatialniche,org – Thanks B.!]


Nothing says Easter like stuffing candy in Batman’s head.


Look It Up

You know how you hear a new word and you know the basic meaning of it by its usage?

Well, today’s words are: vapid and vacuous.

You see, we turned on Letterman the other night and he was interviewing Paris Hilton. He kept asking her about her prison stay until she was getting upset saying she wanted was there to talk about other things, not her prison time (“It was so long ago” I believe were her words). She then said she was sad she came on the show.

But she showed almost no emotion! She appeared to be on some heavy mood altering drugs…or maybe that’s the way she always acts: very soft voice and a clueless semi-smile on her face. The hubby suddenly said he now knows what the word ‘vapid’ means. And I followed that with the word ‘vacuous’.

(The full phrase that actually came to my head was a line from Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins where John Wilkes Booth calls Lee Harvey Oswald a “vapid, vacuous, non-entity.” The third term also describes her, too. So maybe Paris could be compared to a presidential assassin.)

21 Bun Salute?

I was going to lunch the other day and noticed that the McDonald’s restaurant near my office has their flag at half mast.

Not an American flag. It’s a red flag with the Golden Arches on it.

I suddenly got very worried. Had Grimace been killed by a speeding semi-truck? Was the Hamburgler dead from getting shanked by his cell-mate, Bubba? Ronald attacked by a pit bull whose owner afterward was quoted as saying, “He’s never bitten anyone. I don’t know how this could have happened!”?

By the Four Arms of Vishnu, It’s Bigfoot!

I saw this on the Discovery News site:

India ‘Bigfoot’ Sightings Prompt Probe

June 11, 2007 — Claims by terrified villagers that “bigfoot”-type hairy giants are roaming the jungles of India’s remote northeast have prompted authorities to order an investigation, a local official said.

The bizarre sightings have been made in the Garo hills area of Meghalaya state, close to the borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan, with villagers calling the mysterious creatures “Mande Burung” — or Jungle Man.

“A team of wildlife officials and other experts will conduct a study to find out if there is any truth in the locals’ claims about these hairy giants,” said Samphat Kumar, a district magistrate in the West Garo Hills district.

The creatures have apparently been talked about and occasionally spotted for years, but sightings have increased in the past month, prompting authorities to look into the matter.

One local farmer, 40-year-old Wallen Sangma, said he had seen an entire family of the creatures.

“The sight was frightening: two adults and two smaller ones, huge and bulky, furry,” he told a reporter who visited the remote area on Thursday and Friday.

“Their heads looked as if they were wearing caps, and their colour was blackish-brown,” he said, adding the four “monsters” were about 100 to 130 feet away from him as he looked for firewood in a forested area.

“The four of them quietly vanished into the undergrowth,” he said of the recent sighting.

One Garo Hills group, the Achik Tourism society, has been trying to verify the creature’s existence for the past 10 years, photographing footprints and “nests” reported by locals.

The group claims to have hair samples of the creature taken from the forest and will send them for DNA testing.