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It’s Sterile…

Christmas Music Day 6

Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letter “Make it stop!”

Christmas Music Day 5

Sorry, I couldn’t find any songs featuring both KITT the car and Michael Knight (aka David Haselhoff).

Christmas Music Day 3

Today we have Christmas carols sung by a Jewish Diva. Go figure.

Carmen GaGa

Someone has way too much time on their hands.


Oh my gosh! I gotta get me one of these!


A comic legend, a noted fashion and costume designer, an unforgettable television show. These elements join forces in The Carol Burnett Show Went with the Wind! Barbie® doll. One of the shows most memorable sketches “Went with the Wind” is based on the classic film “Gone with the Wind.” In an effort to woo Rat Butler, Starlet quickly creates a dress sure to impress her gentleman caller. The results are unforgettable — a velvety green gown made of drapes, complete with the curtain rod! This wonderful character doll is beautifully sculpted in the likeness of Miss Burnett. She wears an elaborate re-creation of the original costume, re-imagined by the original designer, acclaimed costumer Bob Mackie. Designed by Bob Mackie.

Going Down In Flames VII

Todays’ sordid tale concerns another law maker who has dug his own grave. Here’s the story of Richard Curtis:

Police report sheds new light on Curtis encounter

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
By JEFFREY MIZE, Columbian Staff Writer

State Rep. Richard Curtis, R-La Center, admitted to having sex with a man he met at an adult video store in Spokane last week, according to a police report released Tuesday afternoon.

The police report offers a damning and far different version of events from the brief account Curtis gave to The Columbian Monday, one that seems likely to threaten Curtis’ political future.

The report is filled with graphic details of an encounter that began at a porn store on a Spokane Valley strip and concluded miles away in Curtis’ room at the city’s poshest hotel.

The police report contains an account of how Curtis allegedly donned women’s clothing, red stockings and a black sequined lingerie top before engaging in a sex act at the store. He continued to wear them throughout the night under his clothing.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

I see nothing wrong if you enjoy dressing up in women’s clothing. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with offering money to have sex with someone…hell…the government could make a mint from taxes by legalizing prostitution. But if you are going to go into politics and continue to do this, you are going to find yourself in a sticky situation sooner or later. His downfall was some guy trying to blackmail him.

Richard Curtis - Cock Gobbler

Now where did I put those marshmallows from the last fire?


Just read Joe. My. God’s blog post about it…some great stuff on the story here.

Even I Was Offended

…And it takes a lot to do that to me.

I’m talking about the Bob Saget special that HBO has been running called That Ain’t Right.

Now I’ve heard enough times that he’s got a potty mouth, going entirely against his Full House persona (makes you kinda wonder if he would sit backstage between takes telling dirty jokes to the Olsen Twins). I’ve got no problem with that. We saw him in The Aristocrats film and knew this. So when we saw the ad for this special we thought it would be fun to see his real act.

What a colossal, steaming pile of crap that was. The hubby and I waded through 15 minutes of it hoping it would get better.

It didn’t.

He seemed to be high on something as he laughed a lot at the audience laughing at him. And all he kept saying was “s***” and “f***” for almost every other word out of his mouth. He wasn’t even telling jokes. He went off on this stream of consciousness prattle, instead. I’m no prude. I enjoy adult entertainment, but when there’s nothing interesting about it…

After the fifteen minutes were up we quickly changed the channel to something else and tried to forget the abortion of a comedy act we just witnessed.

But I do keep wondering how they got the audience to laugh so loudly at him. Lots of free alcohol, or was it a laugh track?

Look It Up

You know how you hear a new word and you know the basic meaning of it by its usage?

Well, today’s words are: vapid and vacuous.

You see, we turned on Letterman the other night and he was interviewing Paris Hilton. He kept asking her about her prison stay until she was getting upset saying she wanted was there to talk about other things, not her prison time (“It was so long ago” I believe were her words). She then said she was sad she came on the show.

But she showed almost no emotion! She appeared to be on some heavy mood altering drugs…or maybe that’s the way she always acts: very soft voice and a clueless semi-smile on her face. The hubby suddenly said he now knows what the word ‘vapid’ means. And I followed that with the word ‘vacuous’.

(The full phrase that actually came to my head was a line from Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins where John Wilkes Booth calls Lee Harvey Oswald a “vapid, vacuous, non-entity.” The third term also describes her, too. So maybe Paris could be compared to a presidential assassin.)

Going Down In Flames VI

This is from a review of the MTV VMA’s, particularly the best part about Britney’s number:

Her blasé attitude, though, is inexcusable. Britney was like a jaded stripper a few minutes before closing time who leaves her ciggie burning backstage while she goes out to shake her weary ass for the punters one more time. Simply put, she looked like she didn’t want to be there.

‘Nuff said! Her 15 minutes of fame are truly up. I think Kevin Federline’s now more liked than she is.

Buh-bye, Britney!