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Why We Love Bobby Brown

I still can’t figure out why Whitney divorced him…

Bobby Brown Believes He’s Still a Target for Bin Laden

R&B star Bobby Brown is still convinced Osama Bin Laden wants him dead so he can marry Whitney Houston – 11 months after the singers officially separated. Brown’s 14-year marriage to Houston came to an end when their divorce was finalized earlier this year, but the hitmaker remains adamant he is on the al Qaeda leader’s hitlist. He even hired extra security to guard him on his recent tour of Australia. He tells the New York Daily News, “I figure if Bin Laden wants me, and everybody is looking for him, it probably won’t happen. But if he wants to try and find me for something so stupid, he can do what he wants. I have to leave it in the hands of my higher power. Come on, if anybody (else was) threatened by Al Qaeda, they’d take it seriously.”


Movie Review – The Simpsons Movie

I really enjoyed it. The same humor from the television series, with a few more adult content jokes thrown in. Yep, there’s a nude shot with Bart. I do think the film just barely made it through an hour and a half of running time. Any longer and I would have been looking at my watch. If you are not a Simpsons fan or have never watched the program then you can skip this one. It’s defiantely for fans of Homer and his family.

Burn, Baby, Burn Part II

After my previous post about a certain political figure arrested for soliciting sexual favors in a bathroom, I am happy to follow up with some more “famous” people who are going down in flames.

Lindsay Lohan got arrested, again. I thought this girl maybe had gotten herself together enough to survive after her last time in rehab…but no go. The cops were called because she was chasing down the mother of her personal assistant who had just quit (“I’m not getting coffee for this snotty, coke-head bitch anymore!”). And when she was searched they found a white substance in her pocket that tested positive for opium, I believe.

Say “hello” to Big Bertha in prison!

And Britney Spears is the other half of today’s delicious trashfest! This pop-tart has finally gone off the deep end…and she handed the proof to OK! Magazine. I guess she wanted to show the world she was OK! but turned into a paranoid, babbling train wreck. During this interview, at one point she said the ceiling was caving in, and she used her designer shirt to clean up her dog’s poop (but, then again, she may have done that before she went crazy). But the best part is the magazine is going to run it as is…and Ms. Spears was the one who called the meeting to try and create some publicity for herself. You have officially moved yourself into the category of “Surreal Life Celeb”, hon.

Someone said it might be post-partem depression – and that isn’t something to mess with. But I’m sure she was so cock-sure of herself, that she wouldn’t listen to her family who tried to get her to find some help. With fame and money, can come the feeling of absolute power. Heck, I never thought much of Kevin Federline, but I think he’s a million times better at being a parent than you. I hope he gets the kids before you do something negligent and they get hurt.

Both of you together have created a sad example of the rich youth of today, and created tabloid fodder for years to come.


My! The Entertainment World has been so exciting lately! As for my boring life, it’s work and school. We finally got the bikes fixed and went riding around the neighborhood last night. The dark storm clouds were beautiful. But I must say my legs were hurting when I went to bed. They weren’t use to that kind of workout. The bikes have been out of commission for awhile.

The Hubby left this morning for another business trip so I’m alone until Friday evening. Tonight I do have to attend the HOA Hearing Committee and assist them in his place. Cool. I get to listen to people explain why their yard is dead and why they haven’t done anything about it for over three months.