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Hungry, Darlin’?

Put It Away

Yesterday we spent the day putting away the decorations. The Hubby is going to be very busy starting on the 2nd of January so it was a good day to do it. He actually took down the outdoor lights while I worked in the pond cleaning it up and repotting a few of the plants and removing dead leaves that were covering the bottom of the pond.

After a quick lunch at Panera and a run to BJ’s for some groceries we were home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening removing the tree decorations. Since I had to work today I went to bed at 10. The only thing left was the tree itself and all the storage crates that needed to go in the attic. We’ll see them again in about 11 months.


Linux Taking Over Christmas?

I noticed something the other day at Walgreen’s. They had their Christmas candy stuff up and there was this two-foot tall chocolate penguin.

Then I started seeing penguins everywhere in holiday decorations. Is this the first year for them? I sure don’t remember them last year.


Oh well, tomorrow kicks off this crazy season. We are supposed to go see Enchanted tonight. A friend of ours saw a sneak preview and really liked it.

At work I found out our hot Hispanic maintenance guy is getting a divorce. Stud, I’ll try keeping you satisfied until you find someone else.

Otherwise I’m off until next Monday. We now have two Thanksgivings to go to since the Hubby’s sister has moved up here. So everyone eat safe and see you next week.

I Yam What I Yam

I hate lettuce. I really do. It tastes like grass. I can barely stomach it slathered in salad dressing I like. I can’t tell you how many subs or sandwiches I’ve had served with lettuce on them because I didn’t specifically ask for “no lettuce” – and even the taste of a little bit can ruin my dining experience. Blecchhhh!

But now, there’s something that allows me to get more vitamins in me when I eat out…at least at Subway: spinach! Yep, they have spinach to put on your sub. Cool!

So bring on the leafy greens! (So how long before my arms get all freakishly bulgey?)


The Horror

The following is true. It happened to me last night.

I was at home after work. It had been cloudy most of the day with occasional rain showers. I had made a list of tasks I needed to do as I kept putting them off: read my school text and answer review questions, start studying for my certifications, start burning the huge pile of LP’s to CD…stuff like that.

It was almost 6 PM and the kids wanted to be fed. I try and feed them as close to 6:30 as I can so decided to get some dinner cooking for me and they would eat when I did. I go into the garage to get some fish out of the freezer. When I lift up the lid I see (and hear) water coming from inside the lid and dripping down the back of th freezer. I kind of shrug this off and grab the box of Mrs. Paul’s fillets. Something’s not right here. The box is too warm. My body rushes with adrenaline as I realize the freezer is off! I look down at the front corner and little orange indicator lights is off! The freezer has broken down!, I think. I rip open the box and touch the food…yep. There’s no hope of trying to get this stuff crammed into our inside freezer. I then dug to the bottom of the freezer for the two huge tubs of cranberry sauce my step dad made and had us store because they didn’t have extra space. These things, when frozen, are lethal weapons of solid fruit ice. I grab one and feel it. It’s barely cool. If anything gaged the coldness in the freezer, it was those tubs.

Another thought crosses my mind: maybe it’s a blown break and not the freezer. I check the breakers and none are showing they blew. I even turn them off and on just to make sure. Still no orange light or soft compressor hum. I grab a long extension cord and plug the freezer into one end and run the other end into the house to the nearest outlet. The freezer comes on…but too late to save the food. I plug it back into the dead outlet and go searching for other reasons for this bad plug. I reset all the GFI switches in the house and nothing. The outlet on the opposite side of the garage and the washer/dryer are working. So I chalk it up to a lightning strike. I’m just kicking myself for not noticing it sooner.

I packed all the food into garbage bags (Oh, the pain as I put in those 5 DiGiorno pizzas I bought on sale!), drove out to B’s place, where there are construction dumpsters on all the new home sites, and tossed the bags in. There was about $150 to $200 worth of food. I then visited with B. and C. for a bit to calm down, and then drove home. When hubby called he had heard the voice mail I left him as he got off his flight back. He then told me there was another GFI switch in the garage, quite well hidden. THAT turned the outlet back on. So I mopped out the water that had pooled in the bottom and told Mark to pick up a pizza on the way home.

So it’s time to start restocking the freezer this weekend.

I hope they don’t find that dead body…and now I need to find another one to take it’s place.

[For my clueless readers, I’m joking about that last part]