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Ms. Morris Has Been Chased From the Building…

Inappropriate maybe? Yes, but done fabulously.

Hope everyone has a good holiday, whatever you celebrate.

Varla Fabulous…

Varla’s new video of the old Tracy Chapman song. I’ve aways liked that she does her own singing.

Draggy Nannies


Go shopping with Mitzi Morris as she prepares for her big show in the 2012 Orlando Fringe Festival!

The Secret Is Out

Proof That Homophobia Is Associated with Homosexual Arousal

Here’s an excerpt:

Breaking news! All that you thought you knew about homophobic people turns out to be true. You’ve been saying it for years, and it turns out that you were right. It’s scientific and stuff, too. Yes, imagine the fun you can have citing this study that proves that homophobia is associated with homosexual arousal to back up your claims that those who hate homosexuals are actually suppressing homoerotic urges. And this is bigger than Freud and his misogynistic, creepy theories.

In a Department of Psychology, University of Georgia, Athens study published on, the authors come to the conclusion that homophobia is associated with homosexual arousal:

Read the whole story. This truly makes sense in explaining the hatred and violence associated with homophobia.


Can we get these all ovr the US?


We All Are Lovin’ It!

So when will McDonald’s file a law suit against Dildorado?


Offensive? Yes! Funny? YES!

SGF and the Swan