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Buh-Bye, Big Oil…

Portugal Winning the Drug War

Time for some reading in the New Year. Here’s a part of an article on how Portugal is winning the “Drug War” by decriminalizing possession of them.

Click HERE for the full article.

Portugal no longer views drug users through the prism of the criminal justice system. Though production, trafficking and sales of drugs remain illegal, authorities now refer people they find in simple possession of illicit substances to a panel that consists of a psychologist, social worker and legal advisor—no law enforcement personnel are present. By classifying drug addiction as a medical problem, the Portuguese have lessened the stigma and legal obstacles that addicts may otherwise encounter in seeking treatment. “The main focus of their policy change,” Stevens says, “is to emphasize social solidarity between drug users and the rest of society, so that people are not cast out just because they’re drug users.”

Could America wake up in 2011 and make a proven change for the better? Only time will tell.

Priestly D’Oh!

$30 Million Is Awarded Over Abuse by Priest

Which directly leads into this:

Buh-Bye Douche-Nozzle!

In the “Making Me Smile First Thing in the Morning” department today:

Douche nozzle Andrew Shirvell was fired. The next step will be to disbarr this closet-case.

I needed that after the elections last week.

Evil Wal-Mart Amending Its Ways?

Is Adam Werbach of the Sierra Club helping to turn around the evil ways of Wal-Mart? Quite possibly.

We were at our local Wal-Mart and when we took our receipt the Hubby noticed that it was printed on both sides. This basically could cut receipt paper usage by almost half. Let’s hope we see more things like this happening, and maybe that yellow smiley face will have something to really smile about.

Good Riddance

We had a pretty good weekend. We saw “The Wedding Singer” at the Bob Carr Theater. Not a classic show, but having grown up in the ’80’s it was enjoyable. Friday I had off and did school work but also finally got to spent some time playing my PS3. Saturday we helped paint the community front gate int he morning. The rain held off long enough for us to get the work done. Errands were then run including shopping and then delivering a new fridge for the hubby’s sister. We then got home, rested a bit, then went to a Halloween party. The interesting bit was the old lesbian who was drunk and was getting obnoxious with a little straight boy at the party. Sunday we cleared a big chunk of the DVR and then had a bowling birthday party for a good friend in the evening.

But the best part was learning from the Hubby’s sister that his niece broke up with her slug of a boyfriend! Woohoo! Now she can move on with her life.

And this Daylight Savings time change is just annoying. I woke up an hour late this morning because my bedside clock decided to fall back an hour…how was it supposed to know the government changed the days on it?

Sadly, no Halloween for me this Wednesday. I have class that night, but also with this storm off the coast we might actually get rained out this Wednesday, too.

Silver Lining To Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I talked about the housing woes in Florida and elsewhere…but today comes some really good news (for me, at least) because of this crisis. Environmental groups are able to purchase land incredibly cheap. I’m feeling really good right now. Wish I could buy some, too!

Land-value drop boosts preservation purchases