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Your Parents Named You What?

Some parents must hate their kids…or want them to grow up to be strippers. Case in point: the name of an actress I saw at a local theater:

Cherish Glaze

I could think of some naughty lines for that one. I guess lucky for us the search term “Cherish Glaze” does not pull up any explicit photos.


Classes are almost done. My astronomy final is tomorrow and I can honestly say I learned something. That the Earth is so insignificantly and infinitesimally small that we don’t even rate on the Universe’s Scale of Importance. My Server 2003 final is next Wednesday (one more class tonight). After that there’s just one semester left! My mom said she is going to throw me a graduation party when I’m done.

Of course, it won’t be the one I want. Mine would involve hot, well-oiled bodies and some hot sweaty money sex. Not something I want my mom to be attending.

Three Of A Kind

I went to see the guidance counselor today at my college. I wanted to go over my degree info and make sure everything is kosher and I was on track. It’s a good thing I did.

First, my major was listed as “Personal” and not “CET Microsoft”. I filled out and signed the needed paperwork to fix that.

The second issue was that the Atlas system was not showing one of my classes on the degree page…so it showed I needed 4 more classes to graduate. But I showed the counselor that I had already taken one of the required classes (luckily, another page proved this) and she did her stuff to get it corrected.

Now I am back to needing 3 classes to finish…and they are all being offered in the Spring semester. Do I go for it? My job only reimburses so many credit hours a semester so if I take three I end up basically getting money back for only two of them. Two of them are computer courses (1 netting me another technical certificate), and the third is a general education class (Ethics in Info Technology) which sounds like a cakewalk. I can start registering on November 8th so I’ll be discussing it with the hubby.

And the last decision would be if I want to go through the graduation ceremony. I know my mom wants me to so she can smile and be so proud and take photos and stuff…basically so she can boast to everyone that I graduated. I would just feel embarrassed.


The Mangina Monologues has a great post on his first leather BDSM scene. God, the stuff he describes I know exactly how he feels…and it makes me want another scene really soon. I’m such a leather-whore…LOL!!!

We Fired Jesus Last Friday

Yes, it’s true. At least, that’s what I referred to him as. This guy starting working for us less than two months ago and gets himself fired for several things. One was a racial comment he made to some of his co-workers, and others were his inability to teach by the rules. He wanted it done his way, not the way the company had it set up. Oh well.

But why did I call him the big J? Well, he had really long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and one day I ran into him in the hall and he had removed the ponytail. He looked like Jesus with all that long hair.

But he’s gone now and we may not be filling his position as that department already had plenty of people.


It had started to rain here. Bring it on! We need it badly. The hubby is out of town, again. I have class tonight so his sister is going to feed the kids and let them out.

Work just ordered me a BlackBerry Curve as my new phone. Because of changing rules and processes, I have to have a phone that can receive emails when I’m on call (basically every three weeks I get it). At least it looks pretty….and it has WiFi built in. That will be cool.

Screw High School

I was wondering when my high school 20 year reunion was going to happen.

I’ve been waiting for a letter from them letting me know. I missed my 10 year reunion because I was living in Las Vegas and didn’t have the money at the time to fly back. I really wanted to see how everyone looks now.

Well, it seems my school held the reunion LAST MONTHS! No one contacted me. The only way I found out is one of my class mates works with my partner and my partner happened to ask him if he had heard anything. This person says, “Oh, that was last month.”

So do I get made at my school (Bishop Moore if you are wondering – I also want it to show up on searches) or at the classmate? Maybe they just didn’t want me there because I’m a ‘mo? It is a Catholic school. But I oh so wanted to show up in my tux with my hubby with me.


The Haunted Mansion has reopened today. I’m going after work with my friend M. I can’t wait! Hubby is on another business trip or we would all be going. I’m sure I’ll be talking about it tomorrow.

College Text Books -BOHICA!

What is with the price of college textbooks?

I know, I know…I picked up the pamphlet at the bookstore that broke it all down and how much goes here and here. But in this age of technology, why aren’t we moving to paperless textbooks? You download your book as a proprietary file format and use a viewer program. It could happen. You’d cut out the costs for printing and shipping and no chance of running out of a book at the bookstore.

But I must say that last semester (Summer 2007) I actually came out ahead monetarily. I track my school expenses each semesters. I add together my tuition and books, and subtract the amount I get back from tuition reimbursement from my employer (up to 7 credit hours and half the cost of books and lab fees). I actually came out ahead over $2! I think it was the buy back amount I got for my text book…it was unusually high, though I’m not complaining.

My astronomy teacher is Russian, I hope I can get through his accent. And my Server class is Prof. R. who I’ve had several other times and he’s a great teacher.

Shortest Answers Win

I grabbed this from Spider recently:

1. Where is your mobile phone? Present

2. Relationship? Fine

3. Your hair? straight

4. Work? daily

5. Your sister(s)? Yes

6. Your favorite thing? leather

7. Your dream last night? Interesting

8. Your favorite drink? Slurpee

9. Your dream car? Honda

10. The room you’re in? Office

11. Your shoes? black

12. Your fears? loneliness

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? happy

14. With whom did you hang out with this weekend? Hubby

15. What are you not good at? managing

16. Muffin? Yes!!!!

17. Wish list item? money

18. Where you grew up? Florida

19. The last thing you did? repair

20. What are you wearing? clothes

21. What are you not wearing? jock-strap

22. Your pet? two

23. Your computer? aging

24. Your life? eclectic

25. Your mood? stressed

26. Missing? relaxation

27. What are you thinking about? certifications

28. Your car? hybrid

29. Your kitchen? used

30. Your summer? happening

31. Your favorite color? green

32. Last time you laughed? Yesterday

33. Last time you cried? unknown

34. School? Yes

35. Love? Yes


Well, I passed this summer’s course with an A. I now get a few weeks off before starting two classes for the Fall Term. One will be a day time course again. Luckily it’s not as long as my previous day time class so I won’t need to stay as late at work like I used to. Possibly just a half an hour each day. Not bad at all. But when will it all end? The last five courses I need are taking forever.

I just found out the new nick-name for MetroWest (the area of town I work in): Pine Hills South! (All you Central Floridians should be rolling with laughter by now!) But it’s so true. Since the WalMart moved in and the myriad new apartment complexes it’s changed so much. Here you have golf courses AND drive-by shootings. No wonder they are building a police station here.