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Find It In The Crap Aisle

Found at the new Ross in Clermont - What redneck is gonna want this?

Found at the new Ross in Clermont - What redneck is gonna want this?

Buying Nothing At All

I was checking out a web cam on Amazon when I decided to check on some CD’s. By the time it was all over I walked away purchasing $55 in CD’s. They are:

Young Frankenstein

“Puttin’ On The Ritz!”


I heard their version of “I’m Alive” and loved it!

Little Mermaid

It’s Disney AND it’s Broadway…there’s no way I couldn’t buy it.

And finally…

Forbidden Broadway

The funniest (and only) Broadway parody music around.

And I didn’t pay anything for them…yet. You see, they are all bought before they are released. So as each one gets released I’ll be billed.

Now you may wonder why I didn’t end up ordering this:


That’s because I’m going to see it tomorrow afternoon right after work (I’m off at Noon tomorrow). And right before or right after the movie I’ll just step into the Virgin Megastore next to the theater and pick up the soundtrack. I’m shooting for the 12:25 viewing, but if I’m running late I’ll hit the 1:20. Anyone care to join me?

Who Says Florida Is Sexually Repressed?

Sorry for this picture being so blurry, but I was just so excited to see this at the Ross store this weekend. Imagine my disappointment when I looked around and didn’t find any.

Really Specialty Merchandise