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Wait For The Punchline…

One of the funniest videos I’ve seen in awhile. And so appropriate…

It’s Sterile…


Why Modern Family is one of the funniest shows around.


Last night’s Glee Christmas episode had me in tears. Two incredibly touching scenes. The last show that did that to me was the occasional Scrubs episode during it’s heyday.

Here’s a short clip from the episode:

Wilted Flowers

ABC is finally broadcasting the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies. Look for the first this Saturday night.

We hardly Knew You...

We hardly Knew You...


Oh my gosh! I gotta get me one of these!


A comic legend, a noted fashion and costume designer, an unforgettable television show. These elements join forces in The Carol Burnett Show Went with the Wind! Barbie® doll. One of the shows most memorable sketches “Went with the Wind” is based on the classic film “Gone with the Wind.” In an effort to woo Rat Butler, Starlet quickly creates a dress sure to impress her gentleman caller. The results are unforgettable — a velvety green gown made of drapes, complete with the curtain rod! This wonderful character doll is beautifully sculpted in the likeness of Miss Burnett. She wears an elaborate re-creation of the original costume, re-imagined by the original designer, acclaimed costumer Bob Mackie. Designed by Bob Mackie.

Don’t Drop The Soap

A little bit of man flesh found on YouTube. Still wondering why they were showering with pants on.

Falling In Love All Over Again

I finally got around to watching the season premier of Pushing Daisies, and I am reminded that there still is some excellent television out there.

It still has that wonderful tongue-in-cheek sensibility and sly humor. When I watch a show and a plot line or a character’s actions surprises me (in a good way) then it has my seal of approval. The bee resurrection was such a simple idea but it never occurred to me that’s what was about to happen. And any fan of The Sound of Music would love the plot line Olive Snook began on. And a few future plot lines were hinted at for the upcoming seasons.

And I get a feeling that the guest stars do this show because of the prestige. Like doing Entourage or the Larry Sanders Show.

So cut yourself a piece of pie and settle down with this fairytale for an older crowd.

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

Smells Good

We went to the Orlando Fringe Festival again last night and saw Reefer Madness The Musical. The best show I’ve seen there, so far. Great voices, funny & satirical material. Even done on a bare stage with a piano and basic props, it was a great 90-minute show. Check it out. There’s a few more performances of it this weekend.


Did your show survive the axe?

ABC’s Canceled Shows

Big Shots
Cashmere Mafia
Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann
Here Come the Newlyweds
Just for Laughs
Men in Trees
Notes From the Underbelly
October Road
Oprah’s Big Give
Women’s Murder Club

CBS’ Canceled Shows

Kid Nation
Power of 10
Secret Talents of the Stars
Viva Laughlin
Welcome to the Captain

The CW’s Canceled Shows

Aliens in America
Beauty and the Geek
Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants
CW Now
Life Is Wild
Online Nation
Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious
WWE Smackdown!

FOX’s Canceled Shows

Canterbury’s Law
New Amsterdam
Next Great American Band
The Return of Jezebel James Unhitched

NBC’s Canceled Shows

1 vs. 100
Bionic Woman
Clash of the Choirs
Las Vegas
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad
Scrubs (Picked up by ABC for it’s final season)
The Singing Bee

Forced Vacation

I may not be writing as regularly as I do this coming week. At least for a few days. I got a call from work about 3:45 today (Sunday) and found out the A/C drip pan in the server room backed up and spilled itself on a few of our servers. I went in and helped remove equipment and dry things. But one of the servers we lost was our outside Internet connection. And since I usually post during off times at work, I may not be posting.

Now let me get back to watching the season finale of Dexter.



P.S. – Happy Birthday, Little Girl! You are two this month!