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End The Writer’s Strike Before It’s Too Late

I read an article yesterday that, because of the Writer’s Strike, the number of Reality TV programs is about to explode (because no writer’s are needed, of course).

Does this mean we are going to see shows like “Dancing With the Double Amputees” and “So You Wanna Fist A Pit Bull” on prime time? I hope not. But I wouldn’t mind watching “Extreme Makeover: Leather Edition” or “Project Male Sodomy” on a Sunday evening.


Here’s the hottest toy for Christmas this season: The Larry Craig Action Figure

Drivel Me Some More

I saw this on a local news web site:

VH1 announced the reality show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” will premiere Jan. 10, consisting of eight one-hour episodes. Sierra is one of nine participants including former female professional wrestler Chyna (Joanie Laurer) and actors Tom Sizemore and Andy Dick. The show will be hosted by celebrity addictions specialist Drew Pinsky.

And following that you can watch bums defacating in alleys for fabulous prizes! [/sarcasm]

Same Bat Time…Same Bat Channel

For those of you paying attention, yesterday’s entry was a tongue-in-cheek post about me deciding if I should go to class or attend our HOA meeting where things could get really spicy because it was the election meeting.

Well, I did go to class. I got there early, worked on the next lab assignment and got it signed off by the professor. The only other thing they were doing that night, besides lab work, was going over the next chapter and reading it for myself is just as useful as him going through the PowerPoint presentation. Got there and the meeting hadn’t even started. They were still trying to collect the proxy to see if they had enough to form a quorum (I believe that’s 20%).

An issue arose which the legal rep brought to the meetings attention (we really did have a large turn out). It seems another group of people were handing out their own proxies to people before the meeting. Well, it happens to be three people who want to take over the HOA board because they don’t like the current members’ way of running things.

With a Q&A session with the legal rep he explained the issue: these new proxies were not illegal, but if we were to accept them as legal, it was leaving us open to litigation in the future (meaning more money spent from our reserves to retain his company’s services). He advised postponing the meeting 30 to 60 days and let him review and research everything.

There were the few who were behind the three men (they were the ones who clapped when they spoke) but most residents were pissed that we could not form a quorum and get business done and that they would have to come back. I don’t think the “3-Headed Monster” intended that to happen but feel it’s a victory of sorts. What I don’t think they know is who some of their opposition is. As I spoke with our president about Internet stuff I am now handling, Mr. X. told the president what he is planning to do to legally discredit the group – and the president let him know that all paperwork was public record so he would have no problem.

The annoying part is I can’t vote nor be on any of the official committees because I am not on the deed for the home, only the hubby is. So any work I do is assisting those on the committees.

But I do have to say it was a lot more fun than class.


I’m still getting used to my new work schedule. My group has gone to 9 hour days Mon-Thu, and then we each work a half day on Fri, staggered so there’s always coverage. At least I get the opening shift. Tomorrow I plan on getting my new PC up and running at home. Tonight we are putting the PS3 out and attaching it to the HD TV. Now that I’ve gotten my 5 free Blu-Ray movies from Sony so we can legitimately call it a DVD player, not just a gaming machine (The hubby is no good at video games so he needed another good reason for me to permanently set it up).

Halloween Treats?

A mostly quiet weekend. Had a birthday dinner for my brother Saturday night. The hubby had to work Saturday afternoon so I did some of my school work and then got his sister-in-law into the Parks. The best part was sitting on the back porch in the gloriously cool weather reading my textbook, the dogs laying at my feet, and a glass of water on the table next to me. If only we had more days like these.

This weekend we spent some time watching programs we had on our DVR. So this means I saw all the Halloween themed episodes of the programs we like. I gotta say that Pushing Daisies brought a tear to my eye with its bittersweet ending. This is just a wonderful program. I hope the writer’s strike doesn’t doom it.

That’s all I have. How was your weekend?


As if waiting for the Sweeney Todd movie wasn’t enough to drive me crazy, now there’s THIS mini-series!

Getting Really Gay

OK, everyone. If you didn’t see My Name Is Earl last night, you missed one of the funniest and gay-friendliest episodes of a TV show I’ve seen in a long time…possibly ever.

If you follow the show you know Earl is currently in prison, having taken the fall for his ex-wife, Joy. The warden sees that Earl is really good at fixing problems and getting people to get along so he asks Earl to stop the black gang and the Spanish gang from constantly fighting, and in return he would shorten Earl’s sentence by a month (I get a feeling Earl will be in prison for a good part of this season). Earl tries his best but no go. He finally decides to talk to the leaders of both gangs. And as he tells them to say one nice thing about each other, he goes to block the security camera, thinking they don’t want to be recorded, they both start making out! It was an incredibly funny episode, but also portraying gays in a positive light.

You go, Earl!


The New Stuff, Part II

Dexter – OMFG!!!! That’s all I can say! They decided to start this season off with a huge bang (and I wish that bang were me and Michael C. Hall doin’ the nasty!)! It seems Dexter’s “handy work” has been discovered. Now the city is looking for the serial killer who did it…not realizing he’s working for the police department.

How I Met Your Mother – Still enjoyable. I especially love how well little, gay Neil Patrick Harris can play a womanizing horn-dog and make it believable.

Two and A Half Men – Raunchy and enjoyable. It remains to be seen if they can top their “coffee enema” joke from last season (let’s just say the punchline ended up being “Chock Full of nuts”).

The Big Bang Theory – I liked this one from the creators of the afore mentioned Two and a Half Men…I just wish there was a less blatant title for it. It’s good seeing Johnny Galecki back on the tube. I must admit I laughed harder than the hubby because of several of the computer and science jokes (those kind of went over his head).

Pushing Daisies – Wow! What a wonderfully different program! It feels like a modern day fairytale. A narrator leads us along through the story of Ned and his strange gift of being able to bring things back to life. Strange, beautiful, funny, and inventive. I think it will become my favorite new show. I hope it doesn’t have a short run like Dead Like Me had.

Look It Up

You know how you hear a new word and you know the basic meaning of it by its usage?

Well, today’s words are: vapid and vacuous.

You see, we turned on Letterman the other night and he was interviewing Paris Hilton. He kept asking her about her prison stay until she was getting upset saying she wanted was there to talk about other things, not her prison time (“It was so long ago” I believe were her words). She then said she was sad she came on the show.

But she showed almost no emotion! She appeared to be on some heavy mood altering drugs…or maybe that’s the way she always acts: very soft voice and a clueless semi-smile on her face. The hubby suddenly said he now knows what the word ‘vapid’ means. And I followed that with the word ‘vacuous’.

(The full phrase that actually came to my head was a line from Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins where John Wilkes Booth calls Lee Harvey Oswald a “vapid, vacuous, non-entity.” The third term also describes her, too. So maybe Paris could be compared to a presidential assassin.)

The New Stuff

Here’s my thoughts on the new TV shows that have been debuting.

Dirty Sexy Money – Trashy fun. Peter Krause is a good guy lawyer who ends up working for the twisted family his father before him worked for. Billy Baldwin having an affair with a transvestite was an interesting twist.

Ugly Betty – Just fabulous! As, again, Amanda steals the show on the premier.

CSI – Not bad. This episode specifically centered around the search for Sarah who the Miniature Killer left her under a car in the desert.

Chuck – This was a big surprise. I didn’t go in with much expectations but I really liked it. Great humor and action in it. A Nerd Heard employee (a take off of the Geek Squad) gets involved with government spies after his former roommate emails him sensitive info.

Desperate Housewives – I think the show is getting a little “same old, same old” syndrome.

The Simpsons – Still as great as ever, though they have moved into the Futurama level…that is, they used computer animation in certain scenes. Specifically when the private jet was landing and taking off. Instead of a flat picture of it moving in one direction, instead, the camera angle moves as the plane goes by. It’s hard to explain but when you see it, you’ll know it. Is that so bad? I don’t think so. The best part of the new episode is the opening sequence was a direct reference to the Simpson’s Movie (IE – Town in ruins and the giant glass dome).

Coming up soon: Dexter, Pushing Daisies, and maybe a few more.


Yesterday the Hubby had an afternoon tour. So we did some house cleaning and yard work in the morning. There was a strong breeze that helped disperse the heat of the day. He left for his tour and I met up with our friend, M., who wanted to see the Ugly Betty premier. And since the hubby hadn’t seen it, either, we decided to invite her over for dinner and some gay-friendly television.

Well, M. is not working at this time as she prepares to sell her condo and move up north, so I told her we could go into the Magic Kingdom to see the Haunted Mansion improvements.

The funny part is I walked right past the hubby and his tour and didn’t even see him as we entered Main Street. We road the Mansion. Then off to Pirates since she hadn’t seen that with it’s Captain Jack additions. We then decided to do Splash Mountain because she had never been on that. I told her you don’t get too wet.


And it wasn’t the big drop that got us so wet. It was right at the start where you float past the brier patch and you see the riders going down the big drop and the water splashes out of the thicket making it look like they went underwater. Well, we were at the perfect spot to get really wet by the water effect. Oh, well. It was out final ride and M. had clothes she could change into in her car.

But it was a lot of fun taking her on the attractions, pointing out the new stuff, and telling her facts about them (having worked there for 10 years I’ve gathered, and experienced, a lot of info – also got it on inside an attraction once with another cast member – Shhhhhhhhhhh!)

Grown Men Playing With Pussies

Yes. The kitty litter is going to hit the fan. Siegfried and Roy are coming out of the closet! Read about it HERE.

[Insert sounds of crickets chirping here]

What? No one is surprised by this announcement? I’m totally shocked…But then I’m reminded of a joke I heard when I went to see Rita Rudner’s act in Las Vegas some years ago:

“I went and saw Siegfried and Roy perform the other night. They are such great magicians. For the first five minutes I actually thought they were straight.”


Work is keeping me hopping. Nothing else too exciting. I do have to say the first two episodes of Weeds have been fantastic and I can’t wait for Monday evening to roll around so we can see the next installment. What’s almost as good as there was an add for Dexter they showed after last Monday’s episode. Our favorite serial killer is back next month!

ShowTime, I love you!