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I am taking a week-long Windows 7 course starting today. Another week away from work? I don’t know if I can take it. Last week some major issues happened while I was out, one pointing to a possible release of someone in my department. Not good.

But I did my worrying the first few days, and now it’s absorbed. What ever happens, will happen. Just send a little bit of good luck my way.

Did work on my rental this weekend as the tenants moved out. The inside wasn’t in bad shape. It’s the yard that is a mess. And I have the dirt under my fingernails to prove it.

Until the next post, be good to yourself.


Well…the Hubby really surprised me Friday. When I finally got home the house was full of people who shouted ‘Surprise!’ as I got through the door. I have to hand it to him. I had no idea…none at all.

And there was a wide cross-section of friends there: co-worker, family, neighborhood friends, Disney friends. It was wonderful. And the Hubby made chili, and BBQ pulled-chicken, and baked ziti, and lots more.

The really fun stuff was the dish after most guests left except our gay friends: the Hubby telling me about how my mom wanted to plan everything and just got confused when he said ‘No’, he wanted to do it this way. My brother was very uncomfortable…we think because of all the gay attendees.

But it was a lot of fun. A very memorable 40th birthday party.


No, we didn’t watch the Big Game. We watched the Puppy Bowl in high def! Talk about cute overload! What was really nice to discover is that all the puppies used in the PB are from animal shelters. Talk about a great way of getting them adopted.


Work’s a living hell today as my lead went home sick and I get dumped on from all sides with requests. I’m on the phone right now with one of our work from home employees who can’t get connected now. More OT for me. yea….

Worth A Thousand?

Any wonder this was in the clearance rack?

Any wonder this was in the clearence rack?

Some botonist got a good laugh when he named this one.

The first choice for lesbians!


The New Year is starting off with a bang. I’ve already had to work Sunday to try and get some requests done. My co-worker is working from home and coming in for a few hours every few days. He is having severe back trouble. It’s a tough situation for him, and changes everything at work. I have to say each day has been an adventure.

But I am training our mailroom guy to assist me. It’s only for the afternoon hours, but any help is better than none. Hopefully someday he can be brought on FT at the Help Desk.

The weekend was quite exciting for the Hubby as he bought a new SUV. Now I have to help him get his cell to hook up to the car’s bluetooth connection. It’s a color he wasn’t really wanting (red), but he can live with it. He got a great deal.

I downloaded the Windows 7 beta and hoping to get it running soon. I’ve heard almost nothing but good things about it. Really, the only bad things I’ve heard have been from people who seem to be stuck in their XP ways and don’t want to change. They are in for a surprise. Already some of the newer PC’s and hardware coming out will not run with XP. It’s time to prepare for a move, folks. I can’t wait because of all the good reports about 7. I hope to start testing our environment here at work on Windows 7 very soon.

I changed the layout of my blog. I loved that Christmas layout – it was perfect and the whole design was great, but the Holidays are over with. But it will probably appear next November.

And finally, I’ve started filming long segments of my pond with my Flip Minio camcorder. I put the camcorder on the tripod, aim it at a different place in the pond, and let it record. I’m hoping to put together a video showing it off.


Put It Away

Yesterday we spent the day putting away the decorations. The Hubby is going to be very busy starting on the 2nd of January so it was a good day to do it. He actually took down the outdoor lights while I worked in the pond cleaning it up and repotting a few of the plants and removing dead leaves that were covering the bottom of the pond.

After a quick lunch at Panera and a run to BJ’s for some groceries we were home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening removing the tree decorations. Since I had to work today I went to bed at 10. The only thing left was the tree itself and all the storage crates that needed to go in the attic. We’ll see them again in about 11 months.


…And Then…..

Ever had lunch with a worker who works at the top level? And ever had that employee tell you the nasty, dirty dealings that go on at that level? Nepotism? Greed? etc, etc….

Yeah…that was my lunch hour. Kind of depressing to learn that stuff goes on. But I saw this and it brought a smile to my face.

[Click for the large version]


Buying Nothing At All

I was checking out a web cam on Amazon when I decided to check on some CD’s. By the time it was all over I walked away purchasing $55 in CD’s. They are:

Young Frankenstein

“Puttin’ On The Ritz!”


I heard their version of “I’m Alive” and loved it!

Little Mermaid

It’s Disney AND it’s Broadway…there’s no way I couldn’t buy it.

And finally…

Forbidden Broadway

The funniest (and only) Broadway parody music around.

And I didn’t pay anything for them…yet. You see, they are all bought before they are released. So as each one gets released I’ll be billed.

Now you may wonder why I didn’t end up ordering this:


That’s because I’m going to see it tomorrow afternoon right after work (I’m off at Noon tomorrow). And right before or right after the movie I’ll just step into the Virgin Megastore next to the theater and pick up the soundtrack. I’m shooting for the 12:25 viewing, but if I’m running late I’ll hit the 1:20. Anyone care to join me?

Dare I Say, “Going Down In Flames” Again?

I would say “Like sister, like sister”, But Ms. Spears little sister has dragged their family name further into the mud, and possibly for good.

When I first heard Jamie-Lynn Spears was pregnant I didn’t think much of it. I only knew she wasn’t psycho as her sister. Maybe she’s learned by watching the sad mess that is her older sibling. Good for her!

Until I found out the trampette is only 16 years old! The flood gates are opening and she (and the family) are going to have to weather a shit-storm from outraged religious and parenting groups. A co-worker even told me that their Mom was working on a book about parenting. Sweetie, better hit the delete button on that file. And I bet you Nickelodeon is not going to renew the teen program she stars in for another season. Hell, I bet the Academy is embarrassed for nominating the program for Outstanding Children’s Program in 2005 now.

There has got to be a double-wide trailer she and her sister can share now.


Well, Christmas is almost here. I think I can finish it by purchasing one last gift…just gotta wade through the crowds at the Snobby Millinea Mall to get it. As the Hubby performs in the choir as many evenings as much as he can, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to get his gifts wrapped. Work has slowed down since the initial server dilemma, and with most of the executives off this week already, it’s getting quieter by the minute. And our company was even nice enough to give us the day before Christmas off as a paid holiday!

Coming soon: some pictures of the “kids” for Christmas.

Forced Vacation

I may not be writing as regularly as I do this coming week. At least for a few days. I got a call from work about 3:45 today (Sunday) and found out the A/C drip pan in the server room backed up and spilled itself on a few of our servers. I went in and helped remove equipment and dry things. But one of the servers we lost was our outside Internet connection. And since I usually post during off times at work, I may not be posting.

Now let me get back to watching the season finale of Dexter.



P.S. – Happy Birthday, Little Girl! You are two this month!


Wheels Turning

The rumors at work are coming true. The rumor says our president is on his way out because we are under-performing. Today I found out that his son-in-law who works for us in a high position is stepping down.

Hmmmmm…..he’s a tyrant to work for and is somewhat clueless in his job duties.

Yep. Don’t think there will be anyone to defend his position soon.

The other clue is that all mention of our president’s name have been removed from the company web site.

I’ve got to admit, it’s never a dull day here at work now.

Linux Taking Over Christmas?

I noticed something the other day at Walgreen’s. They had their Christmas candy stuff up and there was this two-foot tall chocolate penguin.

Then I started seeing penguins everywhere in holiday decorations. Is this the first year for them? I sure don’t remember them last year.


Oh well, tomorrow kicks off this crazy season. We are supposed to go see Enchanted tonight. A friend of ours saw a sneak preview and really liked it.

At work I found out our hot Hispanic maintenance guy is getting a divorce. Stud, I’ll try keeping you satisfied until you find someone else.

Otherwise I’m off until next Monday. We now have two Thanksgivings to go to since the Hubby’s sister has moved up here. So everyone eat safe and see you next week.