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Easy Listening

As my work winds down for today (off in 30 minutes) I am listening to a pleasant little podcast called the QCast Connecticut. It’s a gay couple who are actors, and often their British roommate. It’s pleasant, a little ribald, and some good backstage/actor stories. And most of their shows are only about around 30 minutes so not too long, either.

That’s all I got for today. Have a good weekend.

Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon…

Yes…nothing going on here today. I went to bed early last night (before 10 PM!) as I wasn’t feeling so hot with recent sinus problems. Hubby got home at some point. The dogs woke me up barking and running to the front door then I was back out. I talked to him today and he actually enjoyed the concert…said the comedian was funnier than when he watched him on TV. He acted pleasantly to the third person in the group. He said the best part were the two teens sitting behind them they chatted with before the show. One of teens kept saying things that had double entendres but would quickly ad, “…but I’m not gay!” after each of them. Thou dost protest too much, methinks. But he was young so could come bursting out of the closet at any moment.

Half day tomorrow, but I switched with one of my co-workers so I’m actually in at 1:30 PM. I can sleep in!

Too Good To Resist

We had a health fair at our work last week. I got my flu shot then. I walked around to the different tables looking at what they had to offer (why was Sam’s Club there giving out muffins when right next to their table was the blood sugar screening table?).

I picked this up at the Little Clinic table. The Little Clinic are clinics inside some Publix stores where you can go if sick…Great. If you are sick there’s nothing more I want to see then you dragging your germ covered body into the place where we buy groceries. Luckily, the Publix’s I hang out at clocking hotties frequent don’t have these clinics installed. This coloring book from the Little Clinic sent too many wrong thoughts through my perverted little mind.

Coloring Book

Where Have You Been?

Yes, you few, loyal readers maybe asking that. Work and class have taken up my time. I’m still here and things seem to be winding down for today. The Help Desk phone hasn’t rung in nearly an hour. But tonight I do have to come back to work as we do some re-imaging on some PC’s that needs to be done. So I go home for a few hours and come back. Sigh. At least my new blog theme is appropriate for Halloween.

Everyone have a good weekend.


We Fired Jesus Last Friday

Yes, it’s true. At least, that’s what I referred to him as. This guy starting working for us less than two months ago and gets himself fired for several things. One was a racial comment he made to some of his co-workers, and others were his inability to teach by the rules. He wanted it done his way, not the way the company had it set up. Oh well.

But why did I call him the big J? Well, he had really long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and one day I ran into him in the hall and he had removed the ponytail. He looked like Jesus with all that long hair.

But he’s gone now and we may not be filling his position as that department already had plenty of people.


It had started to rain here. Bring it on! We need it badly. The hubby is out of town, again. I have class tonight so his sister is going to feed the kids and let them out.

Work just ordered me a BlackBerry Curve as my new phone. Because of changing rules and processes, I have to have a phone that can receive emails when I’m on call (basically every three weeks I get it). At least it looks pretty….and it has WiFi built in. That will be cool.

And The Problem Is…?

Men Fooled Into Topless All-Male Car Wash For Charity

Motorists in Shirley, N.Y., who were drawn to a topless car wash after seeing attractive women advertising the event found shirtless male firefighters instead of women cleaning the cars.

Groups of male drivers paid $5 for what they believed would be a female topless car wash event being held behind a giant blue tarp.

However, when the men went into the car wash, they found shirtless male firefighters washing cars.

Some of the customers said they felt like they were tricked and didn’t get what they paid for.

A fire official said the bait-and-switch was not false advertising but creative marketing.

“A little bit of a bait-and-switch,” Assistant Chief Donald Prince said. “All the guys back there are all topless.”

Money from the event will benefit school booster clubs and charities, according to the Brookhaven Fire Department.

I would have driven in there, got the wash, driven through a mud puddle, and taken it back….over, and over, and over, and over!!!!


Wonderful weather today. Finally, a let up to the heat here. I could tell at lunch time when I went to take a nap in my car. I park in the shade (what little of it there is) and with the windows down in the car it was darn near cool. I just hope it doesn’t go back up in the 90’s anymore this year. A group of my friends are in town for a memorial for my other friend T. who passed away earlier in the year and they were all shocked at how humid it is here.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday. At least the OT will be nice.

The Hubby painted the family room and it looks great. It softens the ambiance of the whole place. I notice it as soon as I walk into the house. The white walls were just too jarring – at least now with the new color to compare it with. Hubby also got his series of lithographs framed and hung up on the walls so the room really looks finished.

My Favorite Bumper Stickers

Let’s Fix Democracy in THIS COUNTRY First

Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.

You Can’t Be Pro-War And Pro-Life At The Same Time

If You Can Read This, You’re Not the President

Hey, Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?

George Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to Fight

Impeachment: It’s Not Just for Sex Anymore

America : One Nation, Under Surveillance

They Call Him “W” So He Can Spell It

Jail to the Chief

No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade?

Bush: God’s Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full Of Crap

We Need a President Who’s Fluent In At Least One Language

We’re Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them

Is It Vietnam Yet?

You Elected Him. You Deserve Him.

The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century


It’s Friday and I get to leave at 2 today. I’ve got to run home, pack a few things and then hubby is driving me to the airport to catch a flight up to Pennsylvania. I’m going to spend the weekend at my sister’s place setting up a wireless network and helping her husband get some of his PC stuff set up properly. I’ll also get to see my new nephew (he’s definitely going to get spoiled by me). I am checking one piece of luggage filled with 40+ pounds of gifts for my sister and her kids.

Let’s finish out this week with some quick movie reviews:

My Super Ex-Girlfriend – I liked this cute comedy. I know it didn’t stay in the theaters long, but with a quick moving storyline, cute ending, and about 15 seconds of Luke Wilson’s bare ass, it was an enjoyable evening of entertainment. Anna Farris was great in this one.

Just Friends – An OK comedy with Ryan Reynolds (did this one ever come out in the theaters?) trying to hook up with his high school crush. Anna Farris was great as the Britney Spears pop-tart diva.

Scare Movie 4 – A really funny installment of Scary Movie. The writers kept themselves to about 4 basic films (The Grudge, Saw, War of the Worlds, The Village) and were able to make it all fit together. Many of the scenes and sets were spot on with their original counterparts, it was almost creepy. Anna Farris was good as always in the film.

Do you spot the running theme in all these films? Honest, I didn’t plan it that way.

Have a great weekend!

And So It Ends…

Today I just don’t want to be at work. We crashed a server. A co-worker thought there was a problem with the NIC because of some data he was seeing so I told him he may need to update the drivers. After he did the darn thing just didn’t want to run for awhile. And this project to add biometric readers to all the PC’s is causing me to lose my hair with all the problems that have arisen over it. I am so glad it’s Friday.

But as for today’s topic, I listened to the final installment in the current chapter to ShadowFalls : Badlands. I’ve talked about it before a few times. It’s a horror podcast dealing with the battle of good and evil and the characters involved in that struggle. You can download the entire series if you like. The first part is a radio play with slightly campy performances, but the second part is simply narrated by the author. I didn’t think I’d get used to the story-telling version but it quickly grew on me (not to say the installments came out faster and more frequent with one person involved). If you want a little creepiness, some chills, and the supernatural, give it a listen.


3rd Day Out

Yes, I took one more day off. Hey, my team lead told me to take the time off and get well. Of course…

He called me this afternoon to tell me that the new PC’s have shown up and they are trying to make room-blah-blah-blah. Translated: Tomorrow I will be working my ass off. But maybe there will be some OT for the weekend I can do.

So let’s get a laugh out of some recent criminals who decided to wear some great t-shirts during the mug shots:

From The Smoking Gun

I Need It

Yes…a rare Sunday post. I’m sitting at work taking a breather from inventory. I worked yesterday, too. There will be more OT this coming week. Let’s say that my next paycheck will have enough in it to pay for the Broadway season tickets I talked about a few posts ago, and also enough for me to get a massage after work today…a 90-minute one. I so need it with all the climbing under desks and moving monitors. I just called and set it up this afternoon.

Massage Hotties