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We Fired Jesus Last Friday

Yes, it’s true. At least, that’s what I referred to him as. This guy starting working for us less than two months ago and gets himself fired for several things. One was a racial comment he made to some of his co-workers, and others were his inability to teach by the rules. He wanted it done his way, not the way the company had it set up. Oh well.

But why did I call him the big J? Well, he had really long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and one day I ran into him in the hall and he had removed the ponytail. He looked like Jesus with all that long hair.

But he’s gone now and we may not be filling his position as that department already had plenty of people.


It had started to rain here. Bring it on! We need it badly. The hubby is out of town, again. I have class tonight so his sister is going to feed the kids and let them out.

Work just ordered me a BlackBerry Curve as my new phone. Because of changing rules and processes, I have to have a phone that can receive emails when I’m on call (basically every three weeks I get it). At least it looks pretty….and it has WiFi built in. That will be cool.