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The New Stuff, Part II

Dexter – OMFG!!!! That’s all I can say! They decided to start this season off with a huge bang (and I wish that bang were me and Michael C. Hall doin’ the nasty!)! It seems Dexter’s “handy work” has been discovered. Now the city is looking for the serial killer who did it…not realizing he’s working for the police department.

How I Met Your Mother – Still enjoyable. I especially love how well little, gay Neil Patrick Harris can play a womanizing horn-dog and make it believable.

Two and A Half Men – Raunchy and enjoyable. It remains to be seen if they can top their “coffee enema” joke from last season (let’s just say the punchline ended up being “Chock Full of nuts”).

The Big Bang Theory – I liked this one from the creators of the afore mentioned Two and a Half Men…I just wish there was a less blatant title for it. It’s good seeing Johnny Galecki back on the tube. I must admit I laughed harder than the hubby because of several of the computer and science jokes (those kind of went over his head).

Pushing Daisies – Wow! What a wonderfully different program! It feels like a modern day fairytale. A narrator leads us along through the story of Ned and his strange gift of being able to bring things back to life. Strange, beautiful, funny, and inventive. I think it will become my favorite new show. I hope it doesn’t have a short run like Dead Like Me had.