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Again, Again, Again!

Woman Attacked, Killed By Own Pit Bulls

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. — Two pit bull terriers fatally mauled a 42-year-old woman who had raised them since birth, according to authorities.

Tina Marie Canterbury, 42, was walking to her back yard when the 2-year-old redbone pit bull terriers attacked her, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said.

One of Canterbury’s sons tried to help her, but the dogs attacked him.

When he called 911, dispatchers could hear the dogs barking in the background, officials said. He was not seriously injured, authorities said.

A resident of the home shot one of the dogs in the back yard, although it was still alive and lunged at an arriving deputy. The other dog got loose. Clay County deputies tracked down and shot the second dog in a wooded area about two hours later.

A family friend shot at the dogs to scare them away. A deputy shot one of the dogs.

Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said he couldn’t remember such a severe dog attack since becoming sheriff three years ago.

“It is a tragic and horrific situation that brings to light the danger of these type of animals,” Beseler said. “These dogs had never bitten a human before, but they did today — they did turn on their owner.”

The victim’s husband, who was out of town on business at the time, is returning home to be with his family.

The dogs were 2 years old and had been raised since puppies by Canterbury.

Beseler said the dogs were behind a fence that had a beware of dogs sign and the county had never had a complaint at the home.

There were no signs of dog fighting or other abuse at the Canterbury home, authorities said.

Middleburg is south of Jacksonville.

And now this STORY. Luckily, no one was killed.

I am a dog lover, but the time has come to pass a law against pit bull breeds in this country. Mandatory spay and neutering for them all. And for those owners who don’t comply then fines and mandatory jail time. These dogs are may be sweet and nice if raised properly, but how do you explain the first story? The breed must be dealt with.